mireille gourbin contemporary textile art

Contemporary Textile Art by Mireille Gourbin.

Bringing your emotions to the surface, making you feel and think "outside the box".

More than textile design,
I would like to indulge your senses and your individuality. In a world that has gone global, we, individuals struggle to feel unique, and companies are more challenged to differentiate themselves.

As a luxurious indulgence, my "one-off" pieces are designed to make you feel unique.
I create be-spoke textiles and designs as a vehicle towards identity. They are all hand-made, either individual or "one-off" or limited editions, each one a new exploration creating a final piece that is unique, making a distinctive statement.

Textile designer some days, textile artist some others, I enjoy resolving design issues and problem solving is my focus. As an artist, I work on concepts, messages, and hidden emotions.

contemporary textile art

contemporary textile art bespoke textiles
mireille gourbin textile artist
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